How to become LM or GM?

Are you playing chess full time for 5 years?
IMO GM just put lot of time into games

@whiteshoe no, I could not play chess full time cause I have to prioritize my studies as an academic scholar (sounds like an alibi lol). But yeah I only have my trainings after school and every weekends cause I have 7 tournaments every year.

given you are not very young and you not very strong - well compared to me you are- I see this very unlikely. People I've met that have made national master rank tend be quite bit stronger at the age of fifteen - say 300-400 points stronger. The two IMs that have got the title during my club hangaround time we well above NM rank at fifteen. And GM is lot harder than IM.

And making time for chess studies does not come any easier with age. Aldo being a GM is not a profession. Almost any academic degree will make more money. Unless you happen to be next Carlssen in baking that is

So not impossible just unlikely and possiblly not worth the effort unless you plan to professional chess coach. Though being NM probably good enough for professional chess coach

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