How to become LM or GM?

I started playing chess when I was 10. Now, I'm 15. I've been playing Lichess for a week now. I want to become a GM but I don't think it's possible.

for starters stop playin in licess and start playing in club and tournaments. And it is probably impossible but thats is not possible to asses here on forums

I've been wondering how to get the LM rank too, I know what GM is though and I know what is titles, but Lichess Title seems interesting

I am pretty sure they stopped giving the LM title

Is it more difficult to become a GM or to become an LM or are they equally difficult?

@Guall You are right. It's not possible. There are quite a few players younger than you who are already grandmasters.

@petri999 I've been playing in clubs and tournaments for years. I currently have two coaches and have gone through trainings. I will be sent next week to another city for a tournament. I play Lichess because I found out my skills and tactics have improved I guess, not sure.