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  3. How to beat an IM in chess :)

Here is a grandmaster who tried g4 and f3 in same game:

1. g4 best for protest!

1. f4 makes an eventual Nf3 worth 5 points rather than 3!

If your opponent is a Super GM (>2700) , try the Coca Cola Gambit...

1.g4 g5

Even the World Champion will remain speechless!!

Anything can work once in a while if your opponent isn't prepared. The Grob only catches people sometimes because it is so bad they don't expect it and can fall into a couple of traps, especially in faster time controls.

But hey everyone has fun their own way with this game. If you want to grab a few wins here and there and not improve your game much, the Grob surely will entertain for a while. If you are already at master level then, well, you can play whatever you like lol.

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