How this variation of chess is called?

If instead of starting with standart position, players start game with empty board.
Then step by step each player puts a piece on any tile of his half of board, untill all figures are set.
Game starts as usual at that point.

Feels more like idea bechind chess - war battle, when you free to any formation but must react on enemy formation too.
We played a bit, feels interesting. So, how this varinat is called?

In 1956 I wondered if chess could be played using a random set-up.I did totally random,so pawns could end up anywhere.I only used the usual two rows each end.Turned out is was viable,but it's possible to be checkmated pretty well before a shot is fired,as i recall.

Fischer must have been peeping...lolol.

If you refer to only the majors being random set,that is called "Fischer 960"...there are 960 possible positions.

Reading again op, this is not the same variant, because placement variant starts with all pawns placed on 2. and 7. rank already.

I must assume that the pawns can't be placed on your own first rank.

I would suggest that nothing could be placed on your own fourth rank.

Back in the old days, the chess pieces had different movements, and the game proceeded very slowly. To increase the speed, they usually started the game, not from the opening position but from a tabiya (battle array). Even after the pieces adopted their current movement, this practice continued in theme tournaments.

Your approach is different as it doesn't rely upon a know opening and exponentially increases the difficulty of the game. Your method is fair for both players as they still retain perfect information. Interesting would be the possible chaos that would ensue is each player setup their side without knowledge of the other half.

A crazy house variant of installing pieces.
The initial setup respects territorial rights.
Not all pieces need to be placed on the chessboard.
As soon as both kings are placed, the game starts.
From there other pieces can be placed like in crazy house, any where they are needed.

@Illion Actually quite close!
But lack of poons setup limits game dramatically. Poons must be preset too, and on any of 4 closest to player lines.
There is no need to limit freedom here.

@bunyip no, 960 are not close to the idea. 960 setup is permanent, you select it in single step and next step is game start. In placement chess move numer corresponds to amount of pieces onboard, i.e.
1 move - 1 white piece onboard
2 move - 1 white piece onboard, 1 black
5 move - 3 white, 2 black onboard, black is placing any of the remaining pieces on his half
This creates an element of "pocker" when you can partially see enemy position and can try to exploit it's weakness.
Additionally, it makes extreme diversity in how game will go.

@jonesmh why such an assumption? No problem at all in placing pawn on your own first rank. In fact, i'd say pawn from rank 1 and 2 have standard 1 or 2 move and pawn on 3&4 have only 1 tile move. Yes, position is created in "live" mode, just like in real battle. That's the point.

@Toscani no, crazy house is different. Point of this pre-setup-like chess is to better represent real battle, when armies face each other slowly and there is some lag between command and execution. While crazyhouse is supernatural in design.
Placement of kings should not start game i think.
Though! Your idea starts to be great if crazyhouse is active only on closest to players lines and only for one side. I.e. players start with full set of pieces. crazyhouse rules applied on lines 1,2,7,8 while on lines 3,4,5,6 it's standard chess. Funny one.

@jonnyrolstoel Seems again it's different. There is variation named battle chess, when both players use full setup, i.e. moves are:
move 1 : 16 white pieces onboard, 16 black onboard.
move 2: standard game starts.
in placement chess, on the other side, standard game starts after move 32, when each player completed full setup

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