How punish wing gambit to Sicilian: 1.e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. b4!?

@Paradise_Pete Yeah that's what I've been doing, but I confess it's all in bullet, not the optimal way to learn a new variation. I find that moving my knight 3 times in the first 5 moves (!), then fianchettoing (which takes a couple of tempos) leaves me struggling the whole game with a lag in development, which is not really compensated by the pawn. If there were a convenient way to search my games for the opening I'd display a few of them here, embarrassing though they be.

@nayf from looking at a few of those games that @Rokokosz listed, the best way for you to fight against opponents playing the wing gambit is to take their pieces when they hang them ;-)


Oh God, nooooo, don't show those...

Lol, I don't take hanging pieces. It's like kicking someone when they fall down. It's not nice. 4th game: he hung his Q, but before I could ignore it he resigned! But that was a more or less respectable game (I think).

These are bullet games, typically while lying in bed with my phone before going to sleep. Lol from embarrasment...

Oh, second game, mouse slip Rg2. No seriously... half my losses are on mouse slips. But ok, look at the opening of the second game:

I got into trouble quickly. Where did I go wrong (wisecracks aside)?

Lol 3rd game I won. Yeaaa! (I hate people who start every sentence with lol, and now I've become one. That's what embarrassment can do to a person).

I meant that AlphaZero sacrificed even more material and displayed prowess. Activity for material.

I try to refute by declining. What about 3. ... e5!?

By the way, a sweet memory of mine with a declined wing‘s gambit. After that game I became CM eventually 4.11.2011

Here's an interesting site no doubt familiar to many of you:

I don't know what their data base is though. Are these pro tournaments or just amateur games?

Anyway, by far the most popular reply to b4 is cxb4, followed by Nxb4. 3...b6 is a very distant 3rd with only a handful of games. The first two have around 40% win rate, while b6 only 33%. But I have no idea what this data base is.

@Sargon I definitely like your position after the first few moves: white central pawn eliminated, nice open diagonal for what is usually a bad bishop, half open rook file. Very comfortable if 3...b6 results in that. But black probably should have defended e4.

So if I start playing b6 I'm on my way to CM? ;-)

Didn't know that about Alpha Zero.

@nayf "look at the opening of the second game: I got into trouble quickly. Where did I go wrong"

8... Qa5. That helped white, not you. Then Qb6 followed by going back to a8. Ain't nobody got time for that.
Get your pieces out and get castled. You have some tactics along the diagonal that help you. For instance, you can simply play Nf6 (instead of when you played Qa5). It looks like white could play d5 and push you around, but it's not effective. If you're nervous about that, play d6 first to prepare it.

Once you've castled you're solid. But you've got to be aware of the tactics in a sharp position like that.