How many of you are bad losers?

Honesty time...
I know i can rant and talk innocent nonsense even :p I 'fess up !!
Id love to hear some other experiences of how much chess online gets you really going for it, emotionally :)

It's like a fine wine really.
After 250.000 blitzgames it mreally starts taking off with you.
You really actually become a passenger of the love train in the world so to speak.

I'm not fond of losing (and I lose a lot since I'm kind of terrible). But there is nothing more demoralizing than losing to an adorable little 9 year old OTB. (Which happened to me recently). She was the cutest little girl and was playing with the pieces while I spent long periods of time trying to find a way out of the terrible position she put me in. haha.

Most strong players are sore losers.
The trick is to use the negative energy in a positive way by analysing the loss and learning from the mistakes so as not ever to repeat these.

Not ever.
Or you go to hell.
I agree with that tpr.
Thank you very much.

I have a blundering issue that I'm working on. If someone has a method to avoid this I'd love to hear your thoughts. I've just been spending more time understanding their threat and looking at all the checks and captures every move. But I'll get deep in the position and forget to check and BOOM I've lost a bishop.

#7 Activate move confirmation on your profile. You think about your move, you play it, then you check it is no blunder, then you confirm.

I'm not much of a good player, and I've lost enough times that I really don't feel hurt by it. I mean, I don't feel really bad when I lose at any other game. Why should I feel bad at this? Of course, winning always feels better than losing, but I still think I feel worse when I accidentally stalemate the opponent than when I lose. :P

There is never a good reason to be a bad loser. Although even at top levels some players can be bad losers. I'll give an example. A few years back Wesley So was playing a game against Akobian in a tournament, I think US championship. So had something written down on a note to himself. I forget what the note said, something like "Do your best" or "You can do it", some short phrase of encouragement to himself. Anyhow, Akobian complained and So lost a point to disqualification no note-taking is allowed outside of your moves on the score sheet. Later on So was interviewed and was asked if he was Akobians friend in which he replied, "He was... once."