How many minimum years needed from zero to alphazero of chess.

Some people overestimate this so called 2800 rating
In this era of disruption new learning ways are emerging . It's interesting times because both machine and humans are learning in new ways . This is the age of AI and humans understanding from each other.

Is there a question or coherent thought in that post?

Well, AlphaZero played about 20 million games of chess in preparation for its first match against Stockfish. At that first iteration its rating was probably not far off top current engines, 3400ish.

Now the problem is that AlphaZero is able to play many, many more games than a human will ever be able to in their lifetime. At Classical time controls, taking an average of 4 games per day, every day, for 60 years, a human can play something in the order of 87600 games in their lifetime... as a very upper limit. 10,000 is more feasible. So a human simply can't play enough games in our limited lifespan to catch up to what AlphaZero can do. So what are the options? Train on bullet/ultrabullet? You can can conceivably do 400 games in a day with bullet, which would put you in the right ballpark, but training on bullet is much, much less productive than classical, so it's probably not going to actually give you the needed improvements. What the human player would need to do is to train much, much more efficiently than AlphaZero to ever hope to close the gap. It seems pretty unlikely that there's any way that just by using better teaching methods or something we would ever be able to make up the difference... we would need some sort of technological augmentation... which will look less and less like a human playing, and more and more like an engine playing another engine where one of the engines has a human interface.

Can humans design a better algorithm to discover moves and keep it to themselves .

Thanks laserguy for your detailed response on the topic. The only way for humans is to keep discovering new ways of thinking and doing things.

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