How many games have you played.

Just curious to see how many people think they have played in a lifetime. If I had to guess I started in 2003 it would be around 500k. Anyone else care to share? I know that's a lot but I have met some fantastic people and learned a lot about cultures so it's worth it imo.

Well, I have got >200 rated otb "classical" tournaments, some of them up to 11 rounds.

I don't know how much games - I guess there were millions of errors...

i play since 4 years and have 500 rated games

I've been into chess for around 10 years now and it has been and amazing journey.

It is really hard to know how many games exactly, I think something like 80k.

About 8k on FICS/Babaschess between 2006 and 2011, and 7k here since late 2016. 3k games otb tops. 17-18k total.

Do you play bullet over the board ? Cuz else 500k over 14 years sounds incredible. With 5 min games (i.e. an average 5 0 irl blitz or 3 0 tense online match) that would mean more than 8h per day every-single-friggin-day-since-2003, not even counting time between games.

Yeah i played 1 mins for years, Then my pc broke so had to get a laptop and had to play standards and blitz for around 6 years now. In one tourny marathon type on World chess network I played 623 in one session.

Oh and I mainly talking about online games as it's to track how many someone have played in years past.

The late IM Igor Ivanov could recall every move of every game he played.