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  3. How many chess openings are totally out there ?

Why doesn't lichess provide chess openings for training ?
Where can i find all the chess openings out there ?

There are some tens of thousands lines with millions of moves. How is this supposed to work?

If you download and install Scid ( ) you get an ECO Browser ('Windows' -> 'ECO Browser'). Has tons of entries.

Left and rightclick into the diagram on top. If you click on the blue moves in the bottom half it will execute the moves. If you open a database, then open a game from it and then open the eco browser then it will show you how many games each eco entry has in the database.

Chessbase has more or less the same.

Also check out

@nh78 what was that link ' letmegooglethat'. You could have asked me to google 'chess eco browser'.

@Breaking-Limits but i didnt.

How many chess opening would mathematically exist ? How to calculate that ?

Just google it!?

I found something like

depth 1: 20
depth 2: 400
depth 3: 8902
depth 4: 197281
depth 5: 4865609

moves. Wanna learn?

#6 @Breaking-Limits That would depend on how many moves you count as "opening". If you have Stockfish available, you can let it calculate that by running the executable and executing the command "go perft 1" (without quotes, and replace the 1 by how many plies (half moves) deep you want to go). This exact command will return "Nodes searched: 20" at the end, because there are 20 possible first moves. If you run "go perft 2", you'll get 400, because there are 20 possible first moves with each 20 possible responsed. "go perft 3", "go perft 4", etc. all go deeper. "go perft 6", for example, returns 119060324 - that's a lot if you realize we're only 3 full moves in the game!

No i don't want to learn them.
I have a very small brain. I thought it would be only 25-30 openings.

Well, chess ain‘t easy after all. If you don’t know now you know.

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