How do you resist takebacks?

For me, it is exactly the situation described by @willwss. "alll tension, emotions, desires are lost after takback" ... Very good psychological observation indeed.

It was quite obviously not a mouseslip, he just didn't see that his queen was hanging - that's why he even needed two takebacks. But I still had a winning position - and played awfullly after that takeback situation. And I really did it so many times. I keep telling myself that nithing is wrong with refusing.

But I think I learned it now. After behaving generously I am angry with myself and can't play anymore. I treat the situation much worse than if he had made that second move first place. So I will forgive mouseslips - but nothing else. (For myself, I never demand takebacks, even if I accidentally stop my queen one square too early and lose it instead of mating.)

i dont like takebaaks this option has no meaning . we have to be respensoble for all the moves we do.
just no regrets.

I disable this option to not have to deal with those types... I feel embarassed for them. I used to comply a lot too, because I can tell when it is a mistake or just a mouse slip, and I would even offer a takeback to my opponent in the latter case. But too many times in the same game even, the cortesy was not recyprocal if I mouse slipped. So, just disable this and be happy :)

Correction Notice #22...Dr. S. Tartakover said "The mistakes are all there waiting to be made." :]

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