how do you get an fide rating

I would like info on fide ratings don't know this part of things

To get fide rating you must play official tournaments of fide in real world(otb games=over the board). Next january you go to a chess circle,you buy a "ticket" to play in circle and an amount to pay fide "ticket" during year 2020. From then you can participate in fide tournaments and get an official fide elo rating.If you have other questions,i believe that your circle will be happy to answer you. My suggestion is: choose a circle not the nearest to you,but one that likes you not too far(then if it is near better). Tickets are 1 year long(of course you must then add the payment of entry fees for tournaments you participate). You start with elo 1440. You get 3 tranches fide(so at least 3 tournaments),you get new elo fide. You should enter with k 40,but not sure about that(k higher means you win or lose more elo points:more you play and more k becomes lower).All the best in your chess adventure!

thank you very much Iceofreeze and jaychamp much appreciated

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