How do you get a theme opening game??

I like to know how I (well anyone ) can get a theme game here. Anyone know´s ?
I would LOVE to have som games where, you play a serten opening like e4 - e5.2.Nf3 - Nc6.3.d4 - exd4.4 Bc4 - Nf6
ore e4 d6.2.d4-g6 ( pirc ) ore d4 - d5.2.dxc4 - Nf3 - Nf6.3.e3 - e6 and so one. But how do I get that on this site. ????
There are som lines that I am studing at atm, and I would like to have som games with this lines.
BUt as fare as I can see, there is nothing here, that kind of giving me that chance. WHY NOT?
Or did I just not find it? I dont know.
Sorry for my bad english.

When you play book openings, they'll be reflected when you select the 'analysis' button at the end of the game.

Under most of the notation boxes, there are icons.
The target icon allows you to practice this current position against the computer.
The (hamburger) icon, three vertical lines on the far right, expands and gives you more choices. The challenge icon (crossed swords) allows you to continue against the computer or a friend (which posts it in the lobby).
Of course, with the chat, you can prearrange a certain position and both players could arrive there by agreement.

You can create a tournament and have the starting position be one from an opening. An example of a starting positions is "c47 Halloween Gambit". They have a standard Pirc and two variations of the Pirc.

1. In order to study opening lines and general positions, go here:

2. In order to study lines, use the Opening Book feature:

a) Look to the bottom right, you'll see a book, a bullseye icon, some forward/back arrows, and a menu selection (3 lines).

b) Click on the 'book' icon.

c) You'll be able to see all the names of the lines that you play on the board. You'll also see all of the games that have been played with those openings.

d) There is a little gear box in the openings explorer, click that in order to select if you want to see the book lines of the titled masters in tournament play, or if you just want to see the openings used by amateurs players on this site.

e) Lastly, feel free to check out the menu options where you can fine tune your engine, your interface, your analyses depth, and many other options including the creation of personalized/public studies.

*Note: The study features deserve an entirely new thread because 'chess study' is almost perfectly extensive on Alongside your own studies comes the automated 'Chess Insights' feature which allows you to easily pinpoint, at a glance, which openings are your strongest, and which are your weakest.*

f) Chess Insights section is found on your profile page here:

g) The section to see your opening strengths and weakness is found here:

But I dont want to analyse a serten line, I like to play them. For eks. Queens gambit the Furman variation, wich on of the lines that I study atm. In normal game, I cant "force" the other player to play this line ( any line ) and I like to have a fw games, to see if there things I need to look at befor I go in to a a real game. No there it is possible to play a serten line with other playeres, this way you can play France Tarras or other France line, ore Queens gambit accpetet and so on.
But maybe this is not possible on this site?

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