How do you analyse the game, with the person you, just play´d with?

Ok. So I have som very interesting games, and as I am at a point in chess, where I try to experimen, with my own idear´s.
I was kind of thinking. It would be nice, if I was able to invite the other player ( Me opposition, if you like )
to analyse the game, and discuss different ideas and tactics, in the game, so you can learn form the game ( no matter if you win ore not) ore loos.......
That would be nice. Possible???

i think you'd have to develop a relationship with some (online) person, and then go over games w them. i've never analyzed a game with an online opponent -------- i barely chat w them. of if you know some players or meet on in real time, see if they'll play you onine, and then analyze w them........... i'd recommend correspondence games here...... they go on and on, and seems like you might develop relationships over a correspondence game, or a classical game.

The best way to do this is probably to create a new study and invite the other player to comment in there - you can annotate every move and include variations etc.

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