How do I get better at antichess?

While antichess is tricky with its forced lines that are quite difficult for human to see, here's some tips:

1. Study some opening ideas. Openings are more important than in standard chess, for example a simple 1. d3 is a focred win for Black.
- look at the 4. Bg2 line that White has in your game. That idea repeats a lot. (Your Bishop opening the d-file for your opponent's Queen while his Bishop takes your Rook).
- don't open your Bishops' diagonals if you're not certain it's safe (2. ...e5 ??)

2. It's easier to force your opponent's pawns movements than his Queen, as usually the pawn has only can square where to capture but Queen has more options. (6 ...g5 was good. If Queen takes d7 at some point, you just capture back and he's left with the pawn having to capture your pieces).

3. Antichess is about the control of the board just as much as chess (or quite a few other board games) so getting rid of pieces one by one doesn't necessarily mean you get advantage. Especially, if you're left with pawns only, your opponent is usually much more operative while you can only move your pawns one square forward at a time.

Eg. situations like the position after White's 18. f4 (18. ...Ne5 ?? - 18. ...Rd8 was winning ). You simply need to calculate the winning line in that kind of position. Just blindly giving away your Knight and Rook is dangerous.

Antichess is easier than chess but I still wish I hadn't wasted as much time as I did playing antichess on FICS. Antichess is fun and addictive. The antichess community is strong here and you will surely find many players willing to help. You can also learn by playing a lot. There are also many helpful studies here on lichess about antichess that can help you learn this game. Either give up all of your pieces and pawns or give up none of them.

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