How do I get better

Guys I am stuck I don't know what to do I have studied openings for months and done 10 puzzles EVERY DAY and I still fucking suck I have no idea what I'm doing. It's so bad, I can't even solve the checkmates to post this message! I have to see what the computer does! Can someone give me their chess abilities in exchange for a couple folded up dollar bills that I found in my pocket? Much appreciated thanks!

Hang in there, goodnightofficial! We all suck--it's just some of us suck less than others. ;) As for getting better, do what I would do if I were more patient and cared enough about improving: take some time after every single game to identify one thing you did wrong. This will probably require using the Lichess engine and trying to figure out why it hates your moves. Once you think you understand your mistake, make a note of it; write it down. You'll soon have a long list of dos-and-donts that you'll eventually internalize and use to guide your play. If that seems like to too much work, just play constantly and try to have fun. You WILL get better.

How could black lose this game? He did everything right:

- Only moving the king and one piece and two pawns.
- Caring to prevent development.
- Caring to avoid influence in the center.
- Leaving pieces unprotected.
- Making the king absolutely unprotected.
- Leaving a pawn and a rook en prise.

Doing all this and losing in 11 moves makes me wondering if chess is a fair game. :-{

You're playing lots of bullet games. I'd cut that out for a bit as a start. Just try to focus on the basic principles for now. Double check for hanging pieces, control the centre, protect your king & develop your minors first. Take a break when you get frustrated and come back to it when you've cooled off. Take solace that even the strongest players in history started where you are now.

No bullet, no blitz, only rapid and classical.

Of course you can do whatever you like and is fun to you, but do not expect to get better then.
Blitz makes the strong stronger and makes the weak weaker.

@tpr I always see people recommending this but I found I don't play any better in rapid. I end up thinking for a long time and then making some blunder anyway because I simply don't see some threat. Usually I notice it immediately after making the move. I wonder if you know any way to avoid that? Also it feels awkward and unnatural.