How do I delete a Team?

I don't really appreciate your appreciation of my post #63.

First of all, no warning is done about the impossibility of leaving a team in order to delete it, this should be improved by ads or changing the deletion procedure.

If your appreciation comes from your "rules" to be found somewhere on the forum, I'm no more the owner of this team coz we tried to transfer it, before you included multi leaders, so you can further improve on that subject.

The owner did his requests, he got an answer, he told me the team would be deleted, it's stated (in french) that that team is waiting for deletion, in case you're worrying of me calling the deletion swat team on them.

I realized later that team was still existing, the owner is not a frequent user of lichess, not sure I can rely on him to do further requests. I did my own by posting that unappreciated post, after _long_ researches through your "help" guides.

I guess you can have that ghost team for as long as you programmed its expiration, but you should consider easier way of deleting freshly created teams, for example with one user.