how do i clear the board in a study to show a beginner the moves?

theres probably a simple solution to this problem but i cant figure it out. ty

If you mean what I think (Prerequisites:Click on your user name (right top)>Language> english) e.g, if your from spain or turkey or somewhere terms may have a different option name, ya know.
Go to your study in your profile > Delete the actual chapter, because post production not that great. > Go within the study (left top, below the study name) and '+add a new chapter' >delete board > put in a piece e.g. a knight > draw some arrows where this piece can move (right mouse button-click and drag) or alternatively change the color (hold shift and draw lines). Delete fails by drawing the same line again. Good example: Delete board, and illustrate a pin... Absolutely achievable this way.

Let me know, or please specify your question a bit more!

ty for your reply. i followed your steps but there was no option to "delete board." hopefully i missed something. also in the study, i have tried menu > board editor > clear board. this give me an empty board so i can move pieces around at random when teaching a beginner. but when i 'clear board' i can not use this board in my study.

#3 You could try: Add a new chapter-> You will see one of the 5 options: Empty/Editor/URL/FEN/PGN
Choose Editor and then click Clear board.Then you should be able to drop and drag pieces on the board.Then click Create chapter.

once i get to the clear board option and choose it the person who is shared in the study cannot see it.

Dude Lichess>Tools>Board Editor> Clear Board (Trashbin icon), if one cannot see it 1) check if you did it wrong or 2) you edited it wrong (e.g. just the postition, no progress !! although usually it should be all see what you see or 3) your pupil doesn't get it or 4) you or your pupil have a bug (this happened to me at lichess 3 times, not in this context but sth definitely did not work, I claimed it and they fixed it)... Pls, invite me or share your study or your idea, and I countercheck it, to exclude other factors: But I need from you: What do you want to do in this study (1 chapter), what is your idea??> Then I check If I can see it or do it.... however I am not an advanced study guy... But it's corona time let's see

It would be generally a great idea, to put one example here: say briefly what you are going for in this chapter.... and put a link to it here. Then others can be like me a much more greater help :)

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