How do I claim an insufficient material draw?

@Sarg0n Isn't that particular closed fortress situation still insufficient material, where no possible combination of moves could lead to a checkmate?

@cosmic4z Yes, so it is a draw OTB because it is clear to humans. But it is hard to write an algorithm to pick this up, so lichess will not recognise it as a draw and will regard it as a loss if one side times out.

I don't really understand the problem here. Best play you push him back and force three move repetition. Less than best play leads to a draw for black unless he blunders. Most people can simply premove the draw with them having the pawn. And it's not that hard to push the opponent back. And great is you can literally force stalemate no matter what he does.. What exactly is the problem?

Ah yeah, that makes perfect sense, I'm a coder myself. Would be a very interesting programming challenge, how to determine if a position is drawn due to lack of material.

@Sarg0n in OTB Blitz without increment you can still win agains fortress with time as the III.5.1 does not apply to rapid or blitz - adding 5 second increment in guillotine blitz tournament is rather non sensical thing do anyway

So moving around with more time clock will workout

Absolute fortresses with no way to mate whatsoever immediately end the game. The game is over.

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