How Did You Find Lichess?

As the questioned asked, how did you find yourself here? What's your story?

* I came here nearing the end of my junior year of high school but never really active (I came here to learn but of course I get distracted). I remember searching something like "online chess", and it was right below chessdotcom (although I do have an account rated 854). For some reason I was just not drawn into that site (to make it my main chess site), probably the whole membership thing scared me off alongside a website that felt odd to me (keep in mind the website layout was just not for me, this is not to incite some kind of debate). Lichess was just alot more simpler, no "free trial" or memberships looming over me, and the site was straight forward, click and play your desired time control rather than finding a play square in your home page. It was until a year later after the end of a relationship senior year where I decided to come back, I wanted to do more with my time, and wanting to play chess was one of my new hobbies (alongside learning cursive writing for hand lettering, lets just say my break-up needed me to be more "efficient" with time)

* I am now 19 on my way to 20, a freshman perusing accounting, and Im greatful for Lichess that I am able to build up my chess skill. I have been able to properly balance my chess time as well as my studies, and life is great. I have everything I could want, and if I wanted to get even better, every resource is available to me, its all on me if I want to make this grind.

* Maybe this site doesnt have a ton of members, but to me that doesnt matter. Id rather get my ass kicked than have to grind other lower rated players and build up false confidence in my abilities. Here I have been able try my best, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. I digress.

* Again, Id like to hear your story, as well as hearing from the more vocal members of the Lichess Community.
Thank you Lichess Staff and the community for playing a part in rebuilding an aspect of my life when I needed a bit of help.

Interesting question. I'd been active on Yahoo Chess (back when it still existed) and then Chess(dot)com for years and years. There were some aspects of Chess(dot)com that I disliked. For one thing, it seemed like it was a magnet for cheaters. When Yahoo Chess shut down, it seemed the legions of cheaters over there came directly over to Chess(dot)com.

At some point I googled "Best online chess website" and, if I remember correctly, I soon found myself reading a series of posts on some chess forum somewhere where a couple users were making the case that Lichess was the site for *real* chess players. I'd never heard of Lichess, but I found this site and was impressed with what I saw. There seemed to be a higher code of conduct among the players and more vigilance on the part of mods about cheating. After just a couple days I left Chess(dot)com, made Lichess my online chess home, and have never looked back. Lichess is, by far, the best online chess experience I've ever had.

Getting back into online Chess slowly I used to play standard Chess on Chess.Net from 2003-2007 I miss playing and want to resume where I left off have to shake off extreme rust and find my game again.

Good energy and community why I joined here!

Absolutely the best. @GSP0113 Back in 2015 I was reading, and online chess was mentioned. I always liked chess, but I never, in all my life, had a regular place to play chess. I also just Googled online chess and looked at about four or five sites. This one was free and felt good. (Simple enough for me to navigate.)

That's when I started. Now, for the first time in my life I can call myself a chess player. Love Lichess, Lichess is a great thing.

After yahoo.chess ruins, chesscube asking for pay, and keep lagging.. I just find this in my Google playstore

I was a long paying member of and I use to think that they were the best. I knew about Lichess yet for some reason I didn't like the look initially plus the fact that it was free. One day I decided to log in on my laptop instead of just the Lichess iPhone app and kind of dug in and researched it. The fact that it has a clean look high functionality and no ads kept me interested. Then I got into the puzzles and the other areas you can access on a computer, which has been a few months, and ever since then I have stopped paying for premium services on the other sites and do monthly patronage to Lichess with that money instead.

Used to use Gameknot a few years ago, it had leagues, ladders and tournaments played over several days.
Fell away from chess because of one thing or another.
When i wanted to play again i googled online chess and Lichess looked good.
Love playing rapid.

I was bancrupt and googled for free chess, might have used fics but couldn't afford a pc.

I lost an OTB tournament game to a much higher rated player. After the game I asked what site he used. He pronounced it incorrectly, as LIE-chess, but I checked it out and got hooked. I was ICC for 20 years previous.