How did I loose point for this and then also not allowed to play for almost an hour?

On your site, it showed him as not even being active in the game (see grey empty circle vs green full circle). He must have somehow moved (again without being live) just as I was pressing the abort button. This is the 3rd or 4th issue I've had and I should definitely not have these points deducted given I had no idea to know that he was playing...please resolve.

And it also said you presses abort button. If you do it often enough I guess then you lose points. wait for server to abort, that is what your are expected to do.

@cathuffer89 My guess is: You played the first move, your opponent played e6 but because of your bad internet your screen was not showing the move. You clicked the "abort" button but since the "Resign" button replaces the "abort" button after both players have played the first move (server side), Lichess thought you resigned on move two and gave you a temporary ban.

Nope the game was resigned, it would say resigned. white has pressed abort too many times

Stop aborting too many games. Consequences will be
1. Losing the game ( in your case)
2. temporary ban
3. permanent ban

That's because on your side it seemed that he left but actually black did not leave probably a connection issue on your side.

I am not sure if something should be done about this.

What could be done is have the "aboard" button send a different packet than the "resign" button.

So the server could estimate if you aborted because on your side it seems that the other player did not move.

The fact that the button I clicked said "abort" means that this game should have been ended before it began. If it had said"resign" I would have known the game was live and played it. My connection should have nothing to do with this and is strong...I understand the time ban (in instances where games are exited inappropriately) - that did not happen here and DEFINATELY should not result in loss of points. This is an LI chess issue...again if their system served a resign vs abort button this entire situation would be avoided. If I had a bad connection there would have been no way to press an incorrect button and have something actually take place..there was no time-out or anything. Still wating for LI chess to give me points back.

it's annoying when you want a game, you get matched and your opponent aborts, now you have to go and start looking for another game. so lichess wants to discourage people from aborting too often.

I guess you aborted too often and got a penalty. if you haven't been aborting games then you could speak to support as it might be a bug that needs addressing. but i would do it calmly and patently as apposed to your current tone. they are people with feelings and deserve respect, they are also volunteers.