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  3. how chess IA choose between different mate position

to conclude game , there is sometime several mate position , how stockfish for exemple choose one of this position??

i feel there is something like esthetical or accordance to the major line
it seems to me for exemple than mate with queen near opponent king is not the 1rst choice
the IA will choose another way if he can.

A piece only needs to see the checkmate not touch the King.
I'm assuming ... chess engines count tempos and squares needed to see a checkmate.
The checkmate that is the best is the one that requires the least travel time.

So, if the Queen only needs to move up one square to checkmate why should it have to travel 6 squares to kiss the king? A bishop does not need to be next to the target to attack the piece.

There is also endgame tables and so I assume it would probably pick the first one on the top of the list of checkmates that can be reached in the least amount of tempos.

It might be in alphabetical order. If you can mate by moving a piece on a1 to a2 that may be the first choice. a1h8 beats a2a3 maybe.

many thanks fot theese interesting answers

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