How can I create the !elo command for my Twitch Stream?

Hey, I am a chess streamer on Twitch and I would like to create the popular !elo command for this. But I dont know how it works. I heard that you need a own bot for this but I dont know how can I build bot.
@FlowCap You might look into NightBot for example, but it's rather a question for search engines/Twitch than Lichess.
@FlowCap I posted the PHP code in our discord when you asked me. ;-) I can show how I did with nightbot if you like.
$json = json_decode(file_get_contents(""));
$ratingRapid = $json->perfs->rapid->rating;
$ratingblitz = $json->perfs->blitz->rating;
$puzzle = $json->perfs->puzzle->rating;
$text = "Rapid: $ratingRapid, Blitz: $ratingblitz, Aufgaben: $puzzle. Mehr auf lichesHorsey";
echo $text;

Das Ganze packst du in eine PHP-Datei.
Dann erstellst du in Nightbot !ELO
Dann machst Du einen "Fetch" auf die PHP-Datei (

Und fertig ist das Script in Version 0.1 ohne Caching.

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