How anybody learn blindfold chess?

Where blindfold players learn blindfold chess? Is there any guide? Or website?
If you can play blinfold, can you tell your experiences? How many days need for learning blindfold chess for a normal people?

It comes with experience. Calculating variations and using patterns is not particular different. So I never trained blindfold exclusively. Sometimes during a game I have to close my eyes to calculate fresh and free.

As far as I am concerned I don’t like an empty board. Simply nothing is best.

Get good and you‘ll be not much worse playing blindfold.

Yes it comes from experience.
It also helps to read chess books without a chess set, just using the diagrams in the book.
Just try it. Best is to have a medium strength opponent: he must be strong enough not to make illegal moves, but not that strong that you have to put too much effort in the chess itself, so you can devote effort to the blindfold play. Best is to play white, as most diagrams have white at the bottom.

A diagram is a graphical depiction of the chess board, as it appears in books and in the CAPTCHA here.
Conventionalle white is at the bottom, which makes it easier to play blindfold with the white pieces.
A low level of Stockfish should be good, but I have never played blindfold against an engine.
It is more fun against humans.

You can play blindfold here on Lichess. It's pretty fun. Recommend that you make a separate account or only play casual because your blindfold rating is going to be MUCH lower than your regular rating.

It's hard. Even good players struggle with it (IM Eric Rosen has some funny/blunderific videos of him playing blindfolded).

I tried a bit of it having never done it before. 15+15 time control is too fast for me most of the time. I can play about 30 moves before getting into time trouble at that control. Probably 30+ minutes is really needed for me to have a decent game. Knowing a couple of good opening lines helps. Biggest trouble for me is keeping track of where all of the pawns are... not so bad in the early game when the structures are fairly standard, but you do a couple of exchanges and have things in weird places and its easy to lose the thread. I imagine it's much easier for a skilled player to pick up than a poor one.

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