how am I doing?

Hey, sorry if this is not the right place, but I was hoping some more experienced players could take a look at my page and tell me how I'm doing. I am extremely new to chess and don't really know what the normal progress metrics/expectations are. I just wanna make sure I'm on track, and if I'm not, listen to others explain their approaches to improvement in chess for beginners. Cheers!

tldr of my page: 900-1750 (blitz) in 4 months over 4400 games.

Wait, so you consider yourself new but at the same time you already played over 4000 games. Not only that this amount is a lot, you also played over 26 days in just 4 months. Holy

well, new in that I had not touched a chess piece before 4 months ago. I suppose I have very high volume in that time. I just mean I haven't been playing very long so I don't know what normal progress looks like.

Chess is a difficult game, say even former world champions like Kramnik.
If you want to make progress, then classical and rapid are better than blitz and bullet.
Key to progress is to analyse all of your lost games, so as to learn from your mistakes.
Adults usually have a steeper progress, but youngsters have a higher ceiling they can reach.
Chess is 99% tactics - Teichmann
In the following game you play 8 Qd3, but after 8...fxe5 you have no threat. Corrcet was 8 Nxg5 threatening 9 Bxh5+ as pawn f6 is pinned.

I'd say you're doing very well, it took me years to get to the level you're at

Going from 900 to 1750 in four months is incredible in my opinion. It took me two years, 3 chess books and 10000 games just to get from 1200 to 1700. (But that's probably just because I'm old)

It looks like you have dedicated a lot of time to playing chess over the past four months and it has definitely paid off.

Keep up the good work!

this is really great and amazingly fast progress!

I think volume of play early on has something to do with it. You learn a lot of different ideas without starting to commit to a particular style yet, so you just adapt and play better and better. Most players establish rule sets that guide their play eventually.

i’d love to play you someday before you’re a gm!

hope this helps!

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