How about a team to defeat Stockfish level 8?

Hi, guys! Who would like to join a team to defeat the Engine Level 8? Leave suggestions and ideas. Say 'I'm in' if you like the idea. We could play in fast pace, maybe 4 moves a day. What do you think?

Not a bad idea! I think I'm in, but I might not always be available.

Nice! It doesn't matter if you're not available. You participate when you can. Now we need more volunteers. Come on, guys! This is gonna be fun.

I would join, but curious to how we would decide on a move.

Each member suggests a move. Then you vote for one of the moves, but not the move you chose. The move with more votes wins. This is similar to what they do on

Yes, it's been done before.

People will just start their engines and suggest those moves, but will still lose, as long as you all say yes to at least one human move.