HMVC 2020

The First House Multi-Variant Championship

Organized by: @Sinamon73, @TheFinnisher, @FlamoToolz, and @PepsiNGaming

After seeing the many prestigious tournaments lichess has hosted, from the Titled Arenas featuring talented bullet players such as World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen; Fischer Random Titled Arenas; the Crazyhouse World Championship, whose title is held by International Master Vincent Rothius and formerly retaining to Lichess Master Justin Tan; the Atomic World Championship, now moving on to its fifth iteration; the Antichess World Championship; to the Horde World Championship, the House Discord server is seizing its opportunity to join this elite field as we are proud to present the very first House Multi-Variant Championship (HMVC)! We hope this tournament will get readers like you and players of the eight variant communities in The House discord to come together to play variants.

1st - 500 flowers
2nd - 300 flowers
3rd - 200 flowers
*flowers are a House discord currency which can be used to assert your dominance in the server (in other words: the more flowers you have the cooler you are)

A single-elimination tournament, where the final four play in a round-robin and the winner is decided by the total score from the round-robin. All matches are played here on with a 3+2 time control (rated), 6 games per variant or 12 games if both players pick the same variant.

First, people register for the tournament and provide a list of at least two variants (from that they wish to play throughout the tournament. Participants get seeded into a single-elimination bracket based on this formula:

When two players get matched up against each other, they schedule a time for their match and each player chooses one variant from their opponent’s list. In this way, at least one, but most likely two variants are chosen. The players play 6 games of each variant at a time control of 3+2. More about score calculation can be seen in the link below (at the bottom of the page)


First of all, you must be a member of The House Discord Team. To register for the tournament, reply “I’m in” in the HMVC registration thread in The House team forum ( and message Sinamon73 your list of variants immediately after. (The organizers have their lists ready before registration opens, so they are not influenced by others’ lists.) Once your list is sent, you may not change it.

More information and logistics about the tournament can be found on this document (please read the entirety of the document!):

From rules: "Clearly, it’s beneficial to have a large list, but it’s also a risk since you have a higher chance of running into a player that will be better than you in one of those variants."

King of The Hill analysis, here I come!

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