Helpmate in 3 moves

Seems to work now. :)

Now I just need to figre out why everybody is always posting links to the board editor in the forum, instead of links to the analysis board. But I guess that's another story... ^^
(Ah, maybe it's because some ppl leave local analysis on when leaving the analysis board, and this way they won't get spoiled... However, I suppose you don't get spoiled by that in a helpmate puzzle. :D )


0. ... Kb2 1.cxb4 Kc3 2. Kf3 Kd4 3. Lf6#

Pb4 controlling c5.

nice one, i spent a lot of time looking at Ka2 Ka3 but never even considered Kb2 Kc3

Black moves are the same. Nice!

0. ... Kb2 1. Rd5 Kc3 2. Rc5 Kd4 3. Nb3#

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