Help me teach people how/when to resign!!!


"@Onyx_Chess and twice the amount of their time too. If it's what you want to do it's not a waste of time"

Obviously, if you are annoyed at all, much less enough to come to the forums to complain about your time being wasted, it's NOT what you want to be doing with your time.

Let's get it straight:

The people burning clock are NOT wasting their time.
They are INVESTING their time into making you waste yours.
They have the power.
They have the control.
That's the whole point.
That's the whole problem.

Punching yourself in the face while being attacked doesn't change it from being a beat-down.
It changes it into a super-beat-down.

People can empathize and sympathize with someone who didn't deserve a beat-down but got one anyway.
People cannot empathize and sympathize with someone who changes a beat-down into a super-beat-down.

Think of your opponent not resigning as an opportunity to practice forcing checkmate. If your opponents always resign when in loosing positions you won't get to practice checkmates.

Also one reason not to resign is that sometimes what appears to be a lost position may be a position that is near equal but, in which your opponent has a slight advantage. I have noticed for instance that in one game getting my queen trap was only evaluated as an inaccuracy and gave my opponent a slight advantage instead of being a clear loss while in another game getting my knight trapped was evaluated as a blunder. Also it is possible that an opponent might blunder and there are some games I won after being in a clearly lost position, and would not have gotten the win if I had resigned.

You can't teach them. Ever.

No matter what you do, if they get a stalemate 50 tries later, they're in it again.

In the long run they won't get as much out of their games due to their behaviour - you can't blame them for choosing that route though.

Just do the moves you need for the quickest / cleanest/fastest checkmate and that's all.

@Onyx_Chess you keep missing the point!

Sure they have the power and control, if you count the power and control to do what I want them to do, which is to resign. If they realize they will be stuck in a game forever if they don't resign then they will resign.

If they realize they will resign anyways (in essentially the same type of position since you refuse to simplify) then they will learn that resigning right away is the best way to minimize their time being wasted.

it's not punching yourself in the face, it's punching both of you in the face. it's mutual destruction you can't have double standards for the value of each persons time here, it doesn't make any sense. You could just as easily say that I would be "investing" my time, all you're doing is using LOADED WORDS to frame a situation as something that it's not.

@SnackYourPawn if they are willing to waste enough time to go on a family vacation to change the result of 1 in 50 games I would still count that as a loss, a pretty heavy loss

@Onyx_Chess It's like a predator and prey scenario. The predator at any time can choose to give up on attacking the prey, this is equivalent to resigning, the predator and the prey fighting and hurting each other is equivalent to wasting each others time. The prey can't choose to do nothing like the predator can so if he gets hurt or dies in the process of saving his life it doesn't matter he must do it. However if the predator would get hurt in the process in a way that leaves him worse off than before the fight or if he would die then he would rather have not attacked the prey at all. However if the predator does not get substantially hurt even if the prey can get way which is equivalent to winning the game in a normal fashion then he will not fear trying to attack the prey again. Thus it is in the prey's best interest to make the predator fear attacking the prey.

@p-wnattack If I was a petty guy and wanted to waste your time, you helping me do that is fine by me. Clearly these trolls don't mind wasting their own time.

Players have an absolute right to play until the end. I am much more critical of those who resign too early, having lost a piece.

@p-wnattack : You know the rules of our beloved game. It is like it is. Play it until the end. And please don’t tell me that it’s a waste of time. Probably it may have some educational effect and might be fun.