Help me teach people how/when to resign!!!

@Onyx_Chess You're a chess player surely it hasn't evaded you the whole point of this is to make them resign. It's in the title bro.

You are having a meltdown you need to chill. you are setting up a double standard by pretending their time is not valuable but yours is. The idea is it's mutual destruction. You make the point to your opponent that you care less about your time than they do about theirs and enable them to waste as much of their own time as they want until they realize you are actually enjoying it. maybe not everyone feels that way but I do, it's like when a wolf tries to bite your arm but you shove your arm down their throat in the process and choke them to death. it feels good when their punishment is the result of their own actions

The Offspring: The more you suffer the more it shows you really care.

Don’t react at all. That hurts him.


Why would they regret anything?

They already made their decision to not resign. They are perfectly willing to pay this price only to get a slight chance that your connection is lost or that you stalemate them.

It's not hurting them if you increase that chance by wasting your own time!

In the long run, if more people "help you teach" them that way, you will actually make things worse.
Every time the troll strategy works and someone actually stalemates them, they will feel justified in their actions and draw motivation for the next 100 games.
If instead you mate them cleanly and quickly, you much better convey the lesson that wasting their time is just not worth it.

@p-wnattack I understand your frustration but you need to realize it's their right to play on. Just because we experience a particular feeling, doesn't mean it's best to act upon it. That way you'll end up being an emotional rather than logical being.

As long as they are still playing, I don't mind because if I'm really ahead I should win it quickly enough anyway. Just letting the clock run down is a shitty thing to do though, but I don't let it affect me and start reading something else when that happens.

Just note that it can happen that the game doesn't register your move, even though it appears to.

The other day I made a move in a Classical and waited for the opponent. My clock had stopped and his was counting down. Never seen his clock starting to count down unless the move was registered before.

His connection seemed a bit unreliable, and was offline many times, but he kept moving all the time, until this move. After a little while it showed the "your opponent seems to have left the game, do you want to win/draw" option, but I thought he could get the benefit of the doubt and went back to reading.

Then suddenly, I lost the game on time... I took a screenshot which shows my move on the screen, but in the replay I can see that my last move was never registered, so now I will reload the page before starting to read something.


Here is a game you played where you were clearly winning. you were up two queens and yet it ended in a draw. Now I understand time probably played a large part in the stalemate, but being able to finish a game is something you should be able to do. If you're not willing to finish a game, don't start one.

Trying to waste as much time as possible is just petty and childish and anyone doing this should be ashamed of themselves.

@Stefanxd to @p-wnattack's defense, the game you dug up isn't showing any ill intent on his part. Getting a second queen seems like an easy and faster way to convert to a linear checkmate comparing to checkmating with a queen, a bishop and a king.

@p-wnattack to me @ProfDrHack outlined the problem in your thinking pretty well. Leaving aside the definition of a "clearly lost position" (it's in itself an extremely subjective thing), if your primary complaint is that your opponent wastes your and their time, it's rather counter-productive to double that given that:

1. Unlike you, if your opponent needs to leave, they can just resign.
2. The more you want to humiliate them, the more pieces you'll have on the board, the easier it becomes to stalemate them.
3. If they actually do that to waste your time, they likely won't mind you helping them.

I've seen it way too many times watching Lichess TV how promoting 7 knights doesn't help to prove the point, contrarily I'm so accustomed to seeing these games end in a draw, that it wouldn't surprise me, that it's exactly what they are trying to achieve.

#14 Indeed, if the opponent is deliberately trolling, nothing can be done. Occasionally in clearly winning positions I've had some fun shuffling or sitting, although I don't expect opponents to resign (but some do).