Help me teach people how/when to resign!!!

Are you sick of players that stubbornly play on to the bitter end in dead lost positions just to pad the move count 10-20 more moves? Ever wish you could take out your frustrations on these players that ruin your experience playing chess?

I have a solution for you, waste their time! Give them a taste of what you are feeling.

All you have to do is once you feel your opponent is dead lost and refuses to resign, just don't end the game, shuffle your pieces, play 49 moves then push a pawn and repeat. If there is no increment use up all your time and manage your clock so you can checkmate them with just 1 second left on the clock. If there is an increment then even better you can go on forever!

The less you simplify the game while applying this technique, the earlier you will train these annoying players to resign.

Thanks for reading, now go teach these players some manners

Because others have got no style you wanna be like them?

@Sarg0n Are you really going to cry about trolls getting trolled?

1. the player on the other end thinks they are dead lost, Then why haven't they resigned yet it's their fault and nobody is stopping them from resigning.

2. the player on the other end thinks they can change the result, then they can't claim you are trolling they can only claim you are playing bad by giving them opportunities to change the result

Complaint: "I don't like that they run the clock out of spite. It wastes my time and irritates me to where I feel the need to vent about it in the forums."

Solution: "Two can play at that game. Double-run the clock and waste TWICE the amount of my time! Haha!"

@p-wnattack allow me to reiterate:

The solution to other people "wasting" your time is wasting even more time. As a side effect, I saw this so many times, when such a brilliant strategist would start promoting pawn after pawn after pawn to knights/bishops/queens, that at some point not stalemating their opponent in itself becomes a feat of mastery.

If I were that player that you wanted to punish, I'd extremely happy that you came to your conclusion.

Make sure you don't lose connection somehow.


You're a chess player.

Surely, it hasn't evaded you that they can hit "RESIGN" the second that they have something better to do?

You do understand that in every single variation, it is them inflicting their will and power over you, and never the other way around, right?

You do understand that this is the exact FACT that people complain about all the time, right?

You do understand that when someone is getting their butt whipped, that deciding to "help by punching themself in the face" doesn't actually stop the beatdown, and that when the person is finally bored with you and resigns or "walks away", that you did nothing but move from "losing the fight" to "losing the fight extra badly", right?

Can you imagine a UFC fighter who employs a logic where he begins whooping himself in his face as a tactic to thwart his opponent's plans?

Can you imagine a UFC fighter, in the first second of the bout, intentionally botching a backflip, landing on his once-straight-now-crooked-neck, and losing the fight without his opponent needing to lay a glove on him...and then that same goofy goofball raising his arm in a self-deluded victory celebration as he's carried away on a stretcher, mumbling some nonsense about "At least I didn't back down!" and, "I really showed him! He'll think twice before trying that again!"

Can you imagine some dunce cheering on his semi-conscious hero as though he actually won the fight?

I can.
This thread has caused me to imagine all of this.

Look. You're not fooling anyone. Maximizing the damage that the person running the clock is intending to inflict, doesn't teach him a lesson. He will probably resign with mate in 1 in order to rub it in, and he'll probably be convinced that you're too slow to understand the insult of it. HE'S. IN. CONTROL.