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  3. Halldor Petursson - Cartoon Image


Referring to this one?

Gens una sumus?
Us use guns, man!

No...The one where Fischer's pieces have come alive and are attacking Spassky's pieces. I have the image. I clipped from a magazine back in has aged nicely and I have a enhanced scanned image that I drug from my firefox history to post ...but the image won't load...Why do you have to post an image on another web site in order to then post on Lichess.

Because it would a) mean that you have to upload the image to the lichess server (which needs space and, especially, administrative powers, in order to check that people dont upload illegal content) or b) you allow the world to constantly have access to your computer.

i use This is the image...but I have a much better one that I wanted to share with Lichess members. :]

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