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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. hacker?

Just played a game with some player. After beating him, he accused me of being a hacker. What is that even insinuating? That I tweaked the time controls on a low rated game? Or somehow cheated on a blitz game?

Yeah I think he is accusing you of cheating. I'm not sure why is said 'hacker' because if he says 'hacker' that means you either had unlimited time and he didn't or you could just remove a piece from him or gain a piece with just a click.

Ok, that's hilarious. I'm a garbage player with a next to nothing rating (in blitz anyway). If I'm cheating, then I must be doing it all wrong, haha.

Hacker Pschorr!

you are better than me @seabacon :D

wanna play then? haha ;)

Must be because you crushed him with many pieces up and he was frustrated :)

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