Can someone please help me reach 1400 elo on lichess?

It's good you are playing Rapid. I'd suggest playing 20+0 or 20+5 time controls to give you more time to calculate & evaluate positions. Other than that I'd strongly suggest reviewing the computer analysis of each game as I noticed there arent analysis available for any of your games that I saw. It's also worth using the tactics training on this site or alternatively is great for tactics training. Keep practicing & you are bound to reach your goal!

The most common advices will always be to play longer games, do tactics and read books.

Personnally when I was at your level I wasn't playing online but I played a lot against an engine on my phone, I really tried to beat all the levels (but only reached lvl 6 on 12) and surprisingly when I first went online and played against real people my level was already above/around 1400.

So my advice would be to do what I did against that engine which is to not care about the time, focus deeply, play a lot and understand your losses (at least a little). I'm sure it's enough to get to 1400.

Play slower. Take time to think. Activate move confirmation in your profile. You think about your move, you play it, you check it is no blunder, then you confirm it.

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