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  3. guess we are all rated 1500 now

Kind of interesting to play random strength player. Hope i can gain and lose points soon.

This is BS for players who have 100's of games and a year of play to start all over.
I paid my dues. Now have to pay again ???
Sorry to say... lichess messed up this new implementation of a rapid rating BIG TIME.
There exists a far more equitable method of creating this new and needed category, besides the system chosen.

You dont lose anything:


"Your ratings will stay the same. For example, if you're rated 1633 in classical right now, you'll be rated 1633 in both rapid and classical after the migration, as long as you've played at least one game at each time control."

You can not get a game unless starting over with a setting <1500.
Not here for the rating but to find a game.
In order to do so, rating parameter needs to be set <1500 for a quick pairing.
After which I was paired with an obvious bot.

there is a migration period and after that you will get your rating. Read the blog entry!

Let me quote again:

"you'll be rated <your current classical rating> in BOTH rapid and classical after the migration"


Liking the change. More options, more formats. Once the ratings database is handled should be a great move.

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