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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Google makes TPU public

Maybe we will have AlphaZero in our computers :D


Yeah until you realize everything you do is tracked and logged by it.


LOL #2 obviously has no idea how it works.

The new chip made available by Google is going to revolutionize the industry, if it proves the technology is the start of a new direction in computer logic.

The comment of siknsolo is pointless. Everything is already tracked and logged. Why be redundant by adding information already stored to the new chip?

@fpvbmct Was referring to AI and Google in general. The two are more than enough "idea" needed for me.

& Whoa dinnerguy, ez now!

It was easier to keep the discussion in chess tracks... Anyway... boh

@sicknsolo dude, any website you use, everything you do is already logged. And obviously google needs to log your usage, otherwise how will they charge you money for a cloud service? It's ridiculous to be afraid of "tracking and logging" when it's always happening.

yarr. has been for many many years. nvm. fp.

We will have a big problem when AI engines are rising who play like humans.