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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Google Deepminds Alpha Zero beats Stockfish

Deep mind has to be rated around 4000... So it would beat Carlsen about as easily as Carlsen could beat me...

The age of command-based programming is about to end. The age of goal-seeking AI is about to begin.

I swear to God this has inspired me to play more aggressively tonight, which granted me some stellar wins.

Just a minute ago for instance, I reached this position :

Eager to "play like AlphaZero", I decided to sac my knight and while thinking about it, I realized I had a dangerous check on h4.

I suspect that will also inspire grandmasters to play more romantically.

Can somebody explain to me why SF played worse than the Javascript version of it available here at lichess?

Google = Tyranny

let me test that.

>>> 'Google' == 'Tyranny'

you can define Google as a subclass of Tyranny but this does not really denote a fact, just your choice.

>>> class Tyranny: pass
>>> class Google (Tyranny): pass
>>> g=Google()
>>> t=Tyranny()
>>> g == t
>>> g is t
>>> isinstance(t, Tyranny)
>>> isinstance(g, Tyranny)

I read in another article that for the match stockfish was shorn of its opening book. Can someone confirm? This would make a big difference in the engine's playing strength, I think.

Yes, i have read this too in!topic/fishcooking/pcFRIurN_l4

this AlphaZebro bullcr.p is not worth discussing... if battle against Stockfish wasn't with same hardware and opening tables, and bla bla bla, what are we discussing here. I could beat Stockfish under circumstances which I choose, so...
... just another media

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