Good endgame book

100 endgames you must know from de la villa great book for beginners.

I would also advise you not to go for the dvoretsky book : its kind of the Bible of endgames but for myself I'm already not that confortable with the one from de La villa so I wouldn't try something harder :-)

Giddins, Steve - 101 Chess Endgame Tips - Golden Nuggets of Endgame Wisdom
is a favourite of mine: Does not come as the solution to the world problems and is still very useful. (Not a university, not a must, just good.)

The Dvoretsky is too much for a beginner and the de la Villa is German GM Huschenbeth's favourite endgame book, a fact that should tell you something: It is much better suited to close gaps in your knowledge than to build a foundation.

The best thing you can do is something different: Look for the games of Capablanca, Rubinstein, Karpov, Carlsen etc. and look at the flow of the games, how the champs get into endings and how they are played in general. Go through something like 100 to 300 (end)games. Only after that phase you will have a feeling what kind of exact endgame knowledge you need in your own games.

Averbakh wrote a classic, Chess Endings - Essential Knowledge

Alternatively, read Capablanca's Chess Fundamentals.

Does one really need to read Capablanca's chess fundamentals? I skimmed the on-line version and found it to be dry, stale, musty... like an old book found in an attic... mice droppings, and mildew. Perhaps, I have a slightly iconoclastic nature. One can learn everything they need to know about chess fundamental by watching several you-tube videos; And there is quite a bit of stuff on fundamentals here on lichess. THE THing of it is: How does one learn to apply the knowledge they acquire? ( JUST a guess: Most players rated over 1500 problably 'know' the chess fundamentals every bit as well as Capablanca... the difference is in the application of that knowledge. Mental discipline and one's personal psychology is what really matters. Do you want to win? Do you need to win? DO YOU FEAR LOSING? fear winning? Do you practice creative visualization? These are important matters for one who truly desires to achieve their chess ambitions. Talking about books and buying books and putting pretty books on the book shelf is not gonna get you there. It's all the chess world version of water cooler talk. Advice: If you really want it then put your nose to the grindstone, focus with all of your might and dive right into the thick of it. Chess is about action. This book stuff is distraction. Trust yourself with the ultimate goal of knowing yourself... blah, blah, blah... I am that I am. DID THEY GET YOU TO TRADE A WALK ON PART IN A WAR FOR A LEADROLE IN A CAGE? ( Pink Floyd reference ) I just want to see some inventive play... I just want to see genius unfold... I am sick of all the cookie cutter phrases and hollywood sequels... I want to see chess become great again...Of course there is nothing wrong with reading some chess books or studying some masters... Please just take it in proper measure and don't get carried away... THE GREATNESs is in you. Believe.

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