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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. GM Yasser vs JannLee - Crazyhouse Series on 17th May

Yasser has returned from his travels and we've booked in another crazyhouse stream session in less than a week!

GM Yasser vs JannLee: Thursday, 17th May @ 5am PT, 8am ET, 12pm GMT, 2pm Hilversum, 10pm Sydney


Excellent!! Looking forward to it!

16.5 hours to go!! HYPE!

If you've missed the previous encounters between the two, they can be viewed here:

Hi all,

Apologies that the stream has not yet begun. A recent windows update has disabled my microphone capability. I will attempt to resolve this within the next half hour.


Hi everyone,

Again, apologies for the late start and the technical issues for today's stream.

Now that I've figured out the problem, here's a tip to fellow streamers: Windows update 1803 introduces new privacy settings. By default these disable all applications from accessing your webcam and microphone. You can enable access again in privacy settings.


great match with GM Yasser Seirawan as always rich strategic and tactical games

Thank you , Jann!
Respect to both great players!

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