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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Game Analysis: Reversed Sicilian

Decided by a stupid blunder... I was really tired during this tournament.

Can anyone help me analyse this? Mistakes, plans, etc. ...
Seemed like I had a slight edge at points but was never sure how to capitalise.

At the moment of your mistake 32...Rfg6 he already was much better because of your shattered pawn structure, your unsafe king, and his active rooks.
You never had any substantial edge. Your 19...Nd4 is ineffective, as you allowed him to trade his bishop for your knight. The knight was fine on e6, where it supports ...f4.

yep, thats also what i would say. let the Knight on e6 and play f4 right away, followed by how you played it in the game (..h5, attack g4 pawn).

I thought that the e-file pressure would be enough compensation for the doubled pawns... but of course you're right when I look at it now. Should have preserved the knight.

Unfortunately he was a cheater :(

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