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@Kusokosla What the f*ck is this? Please don't post stupid opening suggestions.

#21 the point is it doesn’t matter. Can play both or neither. OP’s game absolutely WILL be decided by a gross tactical oversight. By the way, why you hating on tranny opening? It caused kingcrusher to resign immediately! And h4, h5, h6 is regularly played by titled players in bullet and blitz.

KC is an ignorant a*hole who doesn't deserve being discussed here. OP is rated 1800 so some of his games will be decided by horrific blunders but not most. And starting with a bs opening will hurt his chances at getting far enough for his opponent to blunder. You as a 2000 should know that.

@Kusokosla the point is, OP didnt ask for this. Please open your own thread.

Ouch lol, so hostile. Chilax guys. Point is, I clicked on OP’s name and saw numbers 1600 etc. This just means tactics and firm understanding that semi Slav VS full Slav is 100% irrelevant.

Playing weird openings can actually be instructive.

#23 Is that really true thou? I kept track of real openings VS invented nonsense and results are about same, as an example I studied very closely and many times over Morra Gambit as black from a reputable author, and non the less get killed about 50-60% of the time when white builds pressure against my king and center, while by declining the gambit with ...d3, I get a safer position and actually better results, so an absolute nonsense opening does better than firmly understood and even memorized lines from a reputable book.

The guy who came up with 7 circles got crazy hate, so it’s understandable, but perhaps you misunderstand what I’m trying to say: other posters already offered thoughts on Slav VS semi Slav, but it’s also legit to point out that it may not matter as much as OP thinks. When one is 1600 Should there really be Slav or semi Slav at all? Perhaps OP is asking the wrong question. again, no disrespect meant. Just pointing out priorities to help OP improve which is why he made this thread. It’s like someone asking in an MMA gym wether it’s better to stay in side control or try to mount, while not being able to do 10 push-ups. Frankly it doesn’t matter. Get to 50 push ups first.

Inb4 more hate and a ban

GM Sherbakov has released a book of the Slavic triangle similar to the Bermuda triangle, where white's attack should sink in the face, the pawn of black rock. ICCF correspondence students prefer this defense for a great chance in the struggle with white. In addition it is very flexible protection allowing black to get counterplay. You have an excellent choice!

@Kusokosla Are you high? The Morra isn't a bad opening. It is a respectable gambit that has to be taken seriously. I can imagine that someone like you gets killed when accepting the pawn because you are obviously better at talking than at playing. @Klartext said that this thread is supposed to be about the Slav because OP asked about it. What you were suggesting earlier is swapping king and queen. That has a very low score in the lichess database although it being played mostly by people who are rated higher than their opponent. You start in a -2 position in terms of evaluation. The Morra on the other hand is evaluated as -0.2.

stop feeding each other, you angry trolls.

Full Slav or Semi-Slav? It does not matter at all.


A decent opening where you know some ideas and where the pieces belong in the middlegame including some tactics is paramount.

Recommending opening BS by random chess noobs won't help.

PS: I just know the Slav from the White side. So I start with 1.Nf3 or 1.c4 to avoid certain lines.