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@Klartext In pure slav you have to deal with Geller gambit though.


yes, you are right. A lot of famous people have played it and it recently has a revival with 6.Be2, 7.0-0 and 8.b3, which changed its evaluation from 'refuted' to 'very interesting and playable'.

@Klartext if you find the a6 and Bf5 line dull, what do you play against 3.Nc3? Most GMs are playing 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e3 a6 5.Nf3 Bf5 here

@Chillkroete77 you don't need to face 5.g4 in the Stonewall if you use a smart move order.

@soni777new Black does not have to play 4..a6 on 4.e3. The most played move is 4..e6 which can lead to Meran structures:

Im fine with playing ..e6 on e3, because Botvinnik (Bg5) is not possible any more.

@Klartext yes this is a good point.

@soni777new I'm not sure how smart that is. After Nbd7 White plays Qc2 threatening cxd5. And Nh6 looks insane. I said that 5. g4 is scary but I can deal with it now. I had to face it in last years GRENKE Open against a 300 ELO higher rated IM. I managed to find a few correct moves but eventually collapsed. Now I know what to do and black gets out of trouble without being worse.

@Chillkroete77 yes Nh6 looks insane, but the question is is there any way for white to exploit it without playing e4? Presumably when white does play e4 the Super-GMs playing this have found a concrete path to equality (the games I posted are by Mamedyarov and Morozevich (correction) while I found four games by Grischuk after Nh6)

Yes, although looking insane it propably works. I'm not questioning that. I'm just saying that I myself am not scared by 5. g4 anymore. In my first post I was proposing this system to someone who would be new to it. And when being new to this system 5. g4 is scary. I wasn't aware of it until the IM played it against me. Since then I've done my homework.

For OP it doesn’t matter. Learn a bit of both or none. In fast chess OP can play 1 h4, 2 h5, 3 h6 “opening”, or tranny opening: “1 e3, 2 ke2, 3 Qe1 etc. The game WILL be decided by OP or his opponent hanging a queen or missing a mate in 1 or 2. Etc. All that matters until way past 2100 is how quickly OP can do easy tactics and general chess knowledge with some (any) opening repertoire.