What grinds my gears(TM) is people who won't accept the realities of real life and complain about every little perceived inconvenience.

You don't even know that all of your opponents are millenials. Way to lump all of my generation into one. I imagine a fair few kids on this were born after 2000, making them technically generation z.

On another matter, when I'm playing rated games, I prefer to have a new opponent each time. The whole format of playing rated games does not lend itself to 'friendship', much like you wouldn't talk or exchange pleasantries with someone during a club or tournament match.

The way you stated your opinion just makes you sound like a crabby old man. I suggest you do the best thing for everyone and delete the app.

Update: The crabby old man referred not the the original post, but OP's further comments. Was about to apologize to OP thinking he had never brought generation into it, but he/she actually has in subsequent posts.

I don't think he sounds like an old man, just an entitled, inconsiderate jerk regardless of age.

@BirdBrainf4 #1

First, i rarely talk in games (except saying 'Hello'), but if i do, the communication is usually friendly. Saying 'your opening is weird' is of course not the best start, even if it is often true :-)

Second, @Unthinkabl3 i definitely do not think that it is the young people or a generation who give unfriendly answers.

Third, People on the internet do not have to look in your face, so they are not punished by society when they are a bit unfriendly and they can not *click* disappear in real life. We all know that and probably everyone of us has been a badass on the internet once.

Fourth, Chessplayers on the internet may be weaker than Chessplayers playing in clubs, because the access barriers are lower. You can observe, when you play chess with a weaker player or a complete beginner that they look at the game with their irrational mind. The better the player gets, the more he uses his analytical mind when thinking and talking about the subject. And that means more reflection, tolerance, friendlyness and communication. Of course this has a lot of exceptions but overall it is true.

I suggest you to also join a real chess club. You will find more chess nerds there, who are interested in chess shit chat. Good luck :-)

i forgot another issue. The people who refuse to talk on the internet are more often experienced internet users and the people who talk unfriendly are more often unexperienced users. This creates the wrong impression that people are more unfriendly on the internet, while it is in fact just their inexperience.


Referring to "values our country" in an internet place just shows they have no clue where they are.

Our "country" is internet, made up of billions of people, and generalizing is just immature.

To whoever reads post #7, please don't think we are all like that.

As for me, I do enjoy an analysis after a classical game, but I wont care much about analysing any other time control or even chatting, partly because 90% of the time I play on my phone, but classical I only play on my laptop, so arrow drawing and variation mangling is much easier.

Another millennial