Fried Liver attack or Lolli attack ?

I hesitate between the Fried Liver attack and the Lolli attack.

A quick reminder:
After 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Ng5 d5 5.exd5 Nxd5,
6.Nxf7+ is the Fried Liver attack while 6.d4 is the Lolli attack.

Both lead to strong attacks against the King. In both cases, weak and medium players make many mistakes with Black. I don't know which one to choose. If you know these two variants would you have some advice to give me to help me choose? Thank you in advance.

J'hésite entre l'attaque Fried Liver et l'attaque Lolli.

Petit rappel :
Après 1.e4 e5 2.Cf3 Cc6 3.Fc4 Cf6 4.Cg5 d5 5.exd5 Cxd5,
6.Cxf7+ est l'attaque Fried Liver alors que 6.d4 est l'attaque Lolli.

Les deux mènent à de fortes attaques contre le roi. Dans les deux cas, les joueurs faibles et moyens font de nombreuses erreurs avec les noirs. Je ne sais laquelle choisir. Si vous connaissez ces deux variantes auriez-vous des conseils à me donner pour m'aider à choisir ? Je vous remercie par avance.

Lolli attack is superior, in my opinion. Fried liver is relatively easy to defend against once you know the right move order.

As I recall, 6 d4! was supposed to be the better move (hence the exclam). Haven't really given it a thought since I was 14 though. :)

6 d4 was supposed to be the better move, but 6...Bb4+ 7 c3 Be7 8 Nxf7 Kxf7 9 Qf3+ Ke6 leads to the same sort of position, but with square c3 obstructed.

I will say that both lead to similar positions . Lolli is a bit more standard according to me but none the less bother email same

why would black hit to d5 with N in the first place? Na5 if far simpler. at least it black starting the attack

5...Nxd5 is playable if you like to defend. You will be a piece ahead, but keeping your king alive is difficult.

excatly, in blitz finding an attackin move that does not lose is easier than finding defensive move that does not lose. Defending is much more difficult than attacking. In classical game piece ahead could be a better situation but not on rapid or blitz