Free Coaching for chess noobs (just kidding).

Hi everyone, my rating is around 1800 in rapid/blitz. I would like offer coaching to players (casual free of cost, not a super serious program) to player below my rating to reach 1800 level of play. Lichess stats tells me that around 90% of user well be eligible for my offer. Coaching would include training games, solving guided puzzles (on lichess ) and tips to approach games from a pov of 1800 player. Aim of the program is to win the various U1500 and U 1700 tournament.
P.S Although I watches many chess videos by famous YouTube's like john, jerry and agad, I haven't read a single chess book in my life. I improved my strength entirely by expirementing with lichess engine. So my coaching style would reflect on that.

"Aim of the program is to win the various U1500 and U 1700 tournament."
Free advice: do not play U1500 or U1700, play the open to all instead to learn faster.

The AIM of the program is to win U1500 and U1700. Sure open tournament can be good for improvement but that is not the AIM.

Hi @DogmaticDog , I have interesting in your classes. I'm from Brazil and I have a go to improve my chess and English skills. How does it work?

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