Free chess books?

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"Why no need to lecture you about the ethics of copyright? It seems entirely in place here."

For one thing, one does not necessarily relish debate with a pseudonymous online hypocrital self-righteous creep who has nothing to say except to wag his finger in a holier than thou posture. For another thing, most of the books mentioned here that are not for beginners and would interest me - by Reti, Capablanca, and Nimzovitsch - were written a century ago. Either the copyrights expired, or should have. For a third thing, a couple of the other books mentioned, such as that by Lazlo Polgar and the one by a philosopher (I forget the name at the moment) seem to have been made available with the authors' permission. Have you made a donation yet to Lichess, in gratitude for the free service you are using?


You didn't ask for public domain material, you just asked for chess-books, and one of the links you got, and loved, was several hundreds of scanned books, by still living authors.

People trying to make a living of chess don't strike me as being particularly well off. Quite the contrary. Chances are, you make more money than they do.

No idea what link you are referring to. No one is obligated to download any book here. Did you make your donation yet to lichess, a free service you have been using abundantly? As I said, pseudonymous hypocrites who for all we know steal movies music and books all their lives are not one's ideal debate partners.

Someone deleted the link now. :-)
It used to be #8 in this thread. The one you called "terrific", and which prompted my response.

No, I don't steal, and neither should you. And with all the quality free stuff available, no one can really claim that they have to.

Sure, I've donated to lichess. It says that right next to my name. You really throw your punches in random directions.

I called terrific a link to Nimzovitsch.

You talk about "all the quality free stuff available" and complain that people here inform us where some of it is? Please, go bother someone else.

This isn't Sherwood forest, so if you want to play Robin Hood do it somewhere else.
Anyone posting links to infringing content will experience the mighty heavy hammer of Thor. I hope this was crystal clear.

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