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  3. free and legal training material - here you go!

Hi friends! I found a lot of training articles on various themes. It's all written by Fide top trainers. And there is no issue with copyright.

Have fun!

Some of that stuff is really good.

Wow thanks for the link. That's a wealth of serious material.

Thanks! Thats where Addons like Snap Links come in handy (if you have disabled 'ask for download location').

Well, actually not, because the PDFs dont reflect the names on the website. Im gonna write a scraper and then im gonna upload the result somewhere.

All PDFs, nice filenames reflecting the true article names. Unzip with Seven Zip.

Great job man! Thanks a lot for your support.

Ditto, thanks for posting the link :-)

There have been so many questions about free training, free books, how to improve. This material is high quality and completely free. Can't believe there is so little interest. I could share much more, but does that make any sense?

@seoule thx!

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