I got flagged for no reason. Please unflag me moderators. I cannot contact lichess because I forgot my email password:( @thibault, could you help?

Just guessing here, but maybe they flagged you because of your games? Have you looked at them? Any of them? The ones where a 2700 bot deliberately gets checkmated over and over? How is that not an example of artificially increasing your rating?

Or if you were an innocent victim in this, you can just report the opponent. Obviously at least one of you deserves to be banned.

You can change your email address at and then email

@rokoroks, I left my bot on and this guy @xh775 continually challenged me until I got 3112 or something like that. When I went back to check my profile... I got flagged!!!!!! I already blocked him:(

I am really sorry. I admit to doing this. Lichess, unflag him please.

@AndromedaCore and @xh775 Do you think we are braindead idiots?

Of course these two accounts are run by the same guy.

You deserve this flag... You're wasting your life...

What's the point of having a high bot account rating?

PS. (Lc0 > SF)

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