FisherRandom Qualifiers starts 28th April.

Too bad lichess was not chosen. Anyway, hope some regulars here sign up. Who will try?

Well, it was clear that if one site was going to host qualifiers it was going to be chesscom... Both FIDE and chesscom are incredibly greedy for money so its not at all surprising, lichess on the other hand is non-profit

well also without money it is kinda hard to organize anything. You need servers, commentators and propably some fees to top players to even show up.
And being greedy is not bad. That has created all the welth we have. Non profits did not make possible to have thing like internet f.ex.

The internet was create by the US government, a non-profit.
The best OSes are free, and the buggiest were from a for profit company.
I'm not saying that greed is bad, nor did it create wealth.

Well Arpanet was paid by defence but all hard work by companies doing it for money. Linux is a Unix clone based SysV UNIX api's - a commercial company. Free/Net/OpenBSD is based on BSD unix whic was collaboration between University of California and AT&T. So even they are at much in debt to people who work money. Letalone Internet could never have spread on donations and volunteer work. Big investments call for big companies

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