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  3. FIDE is facing serious problems at the moment

Off-topic: the typesetting on that document is upsetting.

FIDE *is* a serious problem :X)

This is all new to me. It sounds like you're saying FIDE will fade and other organizations will gain more recognition in terms of sponsoring the most significant tournaments. Will there continue to be a world champion?

FIDE has been and probably will continue to be a plague for years. It is a fucking disgrace. Elections and tournaments are bought. Money is pumped out of chess.

Every time I read about FIDE in the news I am embarrassed to be a chess player.

Of course this doesn't apply for everyone in FIDE. There are some good people trying to change things around.

What is worse is that you, a titled player have given money to them for your title
(No insult intended. Just saying)

Every registration for organizers & arbiters costs money. Elo evaluation has to be paid, every tournament, every player.The registration fee for the titles is only a fraction.

Of course it has to be paid because service costs money. It‘s not everything „libre“ in the world.

By the way, comparing FIDE to other world sports/hobby institutions we‘re about amid „good“ and „bad“. There are better ones but there are definitely worse organizations.

I understand.

If you have talent, best to hire an agent to get the word out.
The agent hires a promoter.
The promoter hires an advertising firm.
The advertising firm needs to hire all the 2nd parties.
2nd parties need to hire the shakers and movers, those that pay under the table in backroom deals. It's how things get done.
Free enterprise at it's best.

That is until the Government catches up to ya and wants all that shady money everybody made for themselves.


I'm never surprised at how terrible FIDE is, but wow...

I second lovlas #14.

I also remember strong accusations that Kirsan (edit to clarify: FIDE's president himself) was a major shareholder of the company that bought all of FIDE's events rights. But I don't know much about the outcome.

(Nice captcha has six checkmating moves)

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