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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. FIDE is facing serious problems at the moment

@Sarg0n unfortunate. An organization of that proportion going through it.

I wish that they would all just retire, y'know?

they are the new mafia

@TheBigDecline You wish who would retire? ISIL combatants and sponsors?

@zorba7676 ISIS/ISIL is literally on it's last legs. Surely, new threats and evils will take their place but this is basically remnant collateral damage from their financial dealings over the last several years. Going forward, ISIS won't be much of a problem for anyone.

I believe @zorba7676 said it in more acute terms than I ever could, @ArtistOfWarfare82. What a corrupt, money-grubbing organization FIDE has become. I believe that Online Chess is the future of our sport, at least I hope so.

@TheBigDecline Ah, I read you clearly now. I don't know firsthand but I've never really heard a reliable person say anything other than what you just did.

As for online chess: The sport has to become equally viable online and OTB in the relatively near future in order for the game to continue thriving and expanding. There's no way to just not facilitate the online medium here in 2018 and beyond. It's the way things turned out.

It would make Chess more decentralized, thus more honest and accessible. Sites like this one, with their numerous competitions and tourneys etc. are a great step towards the right direction, I think. All that doesn't really concern me, though, as I will always remain a patzer, lol! ^^

Just my 2 cents, but I wanted to share my honest thoughts in this matter. FIDE needs to be replaced, as it already has been attempted before.

if the president does something financially and the treasurer does not know or say anything, what kind of treasurer he is, they are complicit in the financing and the sanction is at least opportune.

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